Intelligently adds pinyin to Chinese text as you browse the Web.

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Chinese vocabularies vary widely across regions and Monarch Chinesebrowser helps by analyzing Chinese text for you, breaks them into words and annotating them with pinyin. Reading becomes uninterupted just as you would experience with phoenetical text like English. Monarch Chinesebrowser makes reading and comprehension faster.

Beautifully formatted

Monarch Chinesebrowser automatically analyzes Chinese text and formats them into discretely spaced words. For beginners, it is exceedingly difficult to figure where a Chinese word starts and ends. Monarch Chinesebrowser analyzes the text very fast, figures out what each sentence component words are and then adds a minimally amount of discernable space between words. Text layouting now breaks at word boundaries and not randomly anywhere in the Chinese text. Text selection in Monarch Chinesebrowser selects the character or words automatically as you touch and hold on the text. You don't have to do word breaking yourself ! You can then just simply tap on the dictionary-lookup icon to look up its meaning in a Chinese-English dictionary.

Traditional Simplified or Simplified Tranditionalized

Monarch Chinesebrowser automatically converts Traditional Chinese forms into Simplified ones. Or Simplified into Traditional characters! This is done not by brute force means but through very careful analysis of the text so as to maintain high conversion accuracies. To select your preferred character encoding, hanyu pinyin or bopomofo, locate Pinyin settings within Monarch Chinesebrowser.

The image on the left is rendered by Firefox for Android which shows the traditional form from (a Taiwanese website). The right image is rendered by Monarch Chinesebrowser with simplified Chinese text.

The image on the left is rendered in the simplified form with hanyu pinyin from The right image is rendered in traditional Chinese text with bopomofo annotations.


Monarch Chinesebrowser automatically adds pinyin to every Chinese word. Yes, every word and does so in a way that completely preserve the structural integrity and format of a web page ! Tried and tested across many web sites.

Monarch Chinesebrowser runs completely on your phone/tablet. Analysis and pinyin data is not streamed through the network. That saves you on data cost and does not compromise your privacy.

side-by-side rendition performance comparison between Monarch Chinesebrowser and Firefox for Android (43)

both devices (Mi Redmi 1 - 1GB Ram; MediaTek Quad-core 1.5GHz processor; Android 4.2.2; 16GB Class 4 SDCARD)

Fully Functional Secure Web Platform

Monarch Chinesebrowser is NOT JUST A CHINESE READER. Its a FULLY FUNCTIONAL and SECURE WEB PLATFORM. You can use your email, conduct online transactions, use sophisticated web sites such as Facebook and Taobao, search and mapping applications in Chinese or English or any other languages, log in to your online subscriptions, etc. Websites will treat Monarch Chinesebrowser just like any other browser.

HTTPS is supported !

Monarch Chinesebrowser Facebook rendition example

Integrated Chinese-English Dictionary 拼音词典 lookup

Looking up the meaning of Chinese words simply involves a long tap on the word till the word has been selected. Tap on the dictionary-lookup button and it will trigger the lookup at Monarch pīnyīncidian is a feature rich Chinese-English dictionary application (see cidian help). It has a clean simple search interface and is profanity filtered to ensure suitability for young users.

You can click on the following illustrations to link to Monarch pīnyīncidian.

lookup Chinese word "依法"

lookup English term "New Zealand"

Cidian lookup and Taobao search plugins are also integrated into Monarch Chinesebrowser, try it ! You simply type your search terms in English, Chinese, pinyin or any of the combinations and tap on the Cidian icon.

you can lookup any word as you type on the search bar

Zoom Text Reflow

Zoom text reflow is a feature that re-layout the text after the user has performed a pinch zoom-in or zoom-out. This was a deprecated Firefox for Android feature that has been reimplemented in Monarch Chinesebrowser. The zoom range can now scale up to 8 times. Zoom is an essential feature for browsing Chinese text because of the complexity of most Chinese character glyphs and the reading of pinyin annotations. Ability to zoom and clearly see each character is essential for character visual recognition especially amongst learners.

The above images illustrate text reflow for different zoom-in scales.


Our mission is to make reading, comprehension and using Chinese content on the Internet efficient, accurate and most importantly enjoyable.

Monarch Chinesebrowser HTML layout engine is based on Mozilla Firefox, XUL and Gecko. Most of the browser codes are open source and can be found here. Please refer to the App for license details. Monarch Chinesebrowser adopts Firefox version number. The current version is 50.1.

Firefox and Firefox logos are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation.
Monarch Chinesebrowser and Brainiii are not affiliated with the Mozilla Foundation.